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Private Tuition & Homeschooling Programs

The best private tuition in Nairobi and world class homeschooling programs in Nairobi Kenya.

Tutoring is about building a relationship between child and tutor that inspires a love of learning.  We find that this is often easier to achieve when children are comfortable in their own environment. Most of our tuition takes place in the family home around your child’s current commitments.

Tutoring schedules are often adjusted during exam periods to ensure that each child is fully prepared. Some families prefer to schedule more intense tutoring for school holidays when, without the time pressures and exertion of the school day, tremendous progress can be made. We encourage our tutors to approach each assignment with a degree of flexibility in order to ensure that the best possible results are achieved. Our tutors will always advise parents on progress and the most suitable timetable to achieve agreed goals.

  • Home schooling
  • Short Term Holiday Tuition
  • Mentoring
  • Special Educational Needs
  • One-to-one preparation courses
  • Retake Courses
  • Managed home schooling
  • ICE areas of expertise:
  • Entry Procedure
  • Exit Procedure
  • Homework

Home schooling/ Full Time Tuition

We have a select number of highly experienced full time tutors who undertake long term residential assignments of between two months and three years. They are able to provide a complete programme for children who are not in mainstream education or can work to complement traditional schooling.

This form of tuition is very popular with international clients who wish to prepare their child for a new /different international education system. We also have a number of high profile clients who choose to educate their children through tuition at home.

Short Term Holiday Tuition

Short term residential tuition offers a more rounded approach that aims to inspire children through a variety of forms of learning whilst the tutor visits the family. Tuition usually lasts for about four hours a day and is accompanied by other activities that are tailored to captivate the child’s interest. By blurring the line between learning and fun, children are able to derive enjoyment from their studies.

The aim is to improve the standard of work whilst at the same time fostering a more mature attitude towards learning, inspired by a tutor who a child genuinely likes and looks up to.

This system works particularly well during holidays and ensures children return to school with a renewed sense of vigour and determination.


Our mentoring programme allows students the opportunity to have somebody in their lives to offer advice, guidance and support. A mentor is usually successful in a career that the student is interested in pursuing and has had similar experiences. For many international students, a mentor provides a crucial role model and confidant.

We have a select group of mentors who have overcome a range of hurdles in their lives, from learning difficulties to addiction issues, to become successful and happy individuals. For young people in crisis situations, these mentors can often be the first step on the ladder to recovery. Whilst they may reject help from tutors, consultants or psychiatrists, teenagers will often listen to an adult with whom they can identify, and whom they can respect.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

We work with the best special needs educators in the world and are able to call upon their services at short notice for our clients’ children. Using their recommendations we can provide a tutor with experience in helping students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, Asperser’s, Autism and other cognitive and social disorder.


One-to-one preparation courses/ Holiday tuition

We offer intensive academic courses during school holidays. All of our courses are completely bespoke and individually tailored. We analyze school reports and previous grades to ensure that each programme is designed to effectively target any areas of weakness.

These courses are designed to be highly efficient and, above all, to achieve impressive results.
Students work with a variety of subject specialists throughout the course and timetables can be adapted if particular problem areas are identified during teaching.

We also allocate time every day around mealtimes for intelligent debate with other pupils and teachers. We create an atmosphere throughout the course which places academic success within a broader context with the aim of improving confidence and empowering students to succeed.

Whilst some students come to us with gaps in subject knowledge and understanding, others have problems with exam technique or short term memory.

Retake Courses

For many young people, retakes represent a very difficult time. Most come to us burdened with a sense of failure and disappointment that they are not progressing onto the next stage of their lives with their friends. Many feel that they do not have the energy or motivation to do their examinations again. We recognize that successful retakes rely on our ability to acknowledge these issues and ensure that all our students are encouraged and supported enough to feel confident and positive about the process.

Our main goal is to ensure that our retake students leave with substantially better grades. Like all of our courses, this is achieved as a result of one-to-one tuition with some of the most effective and experienced tutors in the country. We tailor each retake course around the student, taking into account all previous exam scores, school reports and areas of weakness. A student’s grades always improve once a course becomes enjoyable and relevant to their life. We only employ tutors who are able to provide this inspiration. Our retake students leave ICE with better grades but also, perhaps more importantly, a positive attitude towards learning and academic.

Managed home schooling

We are experts in designing and implementing home schooling programmes. Our specialist tutors are able to provide everything from occasional accompaniment alongside parental teaching to full time tuition. Many parents who choose to home school use our services to create an overall timetable and plan which combine parental teaching with guidance from professional tutors. This ensures that everyone involved can proceed with confidence and with the knowledge that progress is being monitored at all times.

In addition to setting up a home schooling arrangement, we are able to offer a managed service delivered by the curriculum management team at our own school, The ICE Curriculum Manager will have regular check in meetings with each tutor to ensure that the student is progressing through his or her various courses of study, and is staying firmly on track to meet deadlines.

We have found that having an education professional overseeing and monitoring the programme ensures that a student is taught at home successfully.

ICE areas of expertise:

  • Preparing International Students
  • Examination Retake Programmes
  • Scholarship Entry Preparation
  • Careers Advice
  • UCAS Advice and Applications
  • Learning Difficulty Support
  • Holiday Revision Courses
  • Managed Home Schooling
  • Personal Mentoring

Entry Procedure

Our goal is to move students into the optimal school or university as soon as they are ready. This can happen at any point, meaning that places at our school become available throughout the academic year.

We base our entry decisions on how efficiently and effectively we feel that we can help the student. The assessments we use to ascertain this vary from child to child. All prospective students are interviewed with their parents. Many undergo an assessment to help us to build a picture of how each child learns to enable us to gain a deeper understanding of their achievements, difficulties and potential.

We are aware that many of our students come to us at a point where their confidence is low, and we are sensitive to the detrimental effect that formal assessments can have on children in certain circumstances. We have therefore developed subtle methods over the years to assess each child to help us develop the perfect programme.

Exit Procedure

Our school and university placement consultancy has been operating for over 5 years. Over that time, we have built relationships based on trust with a wide range of schools. We are able to approach them with students who may not have had a smooth educational record thus far. This process is absolutely central to what we do at ICE.

It is our job to identify the best school for your child, taking account of your preferences as a family, and the feedback from our in-house tutors. We will liaise with Admissions staff at your school of choice and gain a successful placement for your child.

"Preparing our students for entry into the optimal school or university is central to the ICE modus operandi" Francis Luyayi- Managing Director


This will probably be the hardest your child will ever be required to work. The one-to-one lesson format ensures we keep the focus and attention of your child. We know this is intensive and exhausting and so we ensure the majority of studying is done within the school. All students complete their homework in school whilst being supervised by the Curriculum Manager.

We place great emphasis on the importance of reading at home and strongly believe that encouraging this allows a child to take their first steps into independent learning. We ask that parents support our one book a week policy and encourage their children to take the time to enjoy literature.